icon - AboutLeonard Cohen Prologues was thoughtfully founded by Nikolai Saunders from St SE, Cedar Rapids in the state of Iowa. From a young age, Nikolai found solace in music and particularly in the acoustic guitar.

Nikolai started learning to play the guitar and other instruments. Eventually, he started writing his own songs and compositions to fully embrace his passion for the art of music.

Nikolai managed to perform in front of his loved ones, friends and quite the number of strangers in his hometown.

Growing up, Nikolai never lost sight of that forte and he wanted to do his part in helping other songwriters and musicians fulfill their callings and dreams.

Enter, Leonard Cohen Prologues. They sell a wide selection of guitars and other instruments to aspiring musicians. Not only that, Nikolai decided to teach songwriting as well to people of all ages.

For him, it is never too early or too late to fall in love with music and the art of building it.

You can purchase the acoustic guitar or maybe a classical one you’ve been looking for. They also offer beginner lessons for instruments to really get you started.

Nikolai was self-taught and he believes upon learning the essential factors of the acoustic guitar is enough for an individual to be the best musician he or she can be. Of course, Nikolai is also a strong believer in PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Leonard Cohen Prologues have attracted a number of loyal customers and their demographic demand grew throughout Cedar Rapids.

Nikolai together with his team is on the pedal to the metal teaching young kids, teens and even adults to play various instruments and basic songwriting and composition lessons.

Leonard Cohen Prologues, Nikolai and his team’s goal is to promote music all over Iowa through falling in love with the craft. Not only that, they aim to motivate people to not only learn songs but to write songs of their own for the future generation to learn.

The business and the people behind it are looking to grow their operation and someday exceed the state of Iowa to help other dreamers out there.

Get in touch with Nikolai and learn more about the business and best of all, start your music adventure with them. Who knows, that adventure might turn into a career just like Nikolai did only instead of an establishment, you took your talent to the stage.