Leonard Cohen’3 Greatest Gifts to the World

Leonard Cohen’s songs, stories and beliefs he shared to the world impacted and inspired millions. His accomplishments in the music industry as a gifted guitarist and talented songwriter stood the test of time and so will his life lessons to the world.

Here are Cohen’s 3 greatest gifts to the world.

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From “Suzanne” in 1967 all the way to “String Reprise / Treaty” in 2016, Cohen never fell short when it comes to the music he shared to the world. Cohen is responsible for hits such as “Hallelujah,” “I’m Your Man,” “Tower of Song,” “Famous Blue Raincoat,” and so much more.

Cohen released 14 albums and went to dozens of live concerts all over the globe.

Cohen holding ad playing an acoustic guitar on stage will always be a spectacle for everyone.

Not only that, Cohen told a lot of his personal stories through his songs, like the women he fell in love with, the struggles he had to endure and that one time when his raincoat got stolen.

Cohen received 4 Grammy awards in total: Best Rock Performance (2018), Album of the Year (2008), Lifetime Achievement (2010), and Hall of Fame (2008). Cohen’s signature melancholy vibe he showed in his music inspired hundreds of artists.

Passion to write songs

When talking about the art of songwriting and composition, you can’t leave out Cohen. He wrote his hit song “Sisters of Mercy” from his debut album “Songs of Leonard Cohen” back in 1967 in one sitting.

He wrote the beautiful song after meeting two young women during a snowstorm in Canada.

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Several articles were written to analyze his songwriting skills and the creativity he portrayed in every song. Not only that, Cohen was known for his guitar skills, mainly fingerpicking. Cohen thought of creative and beautiful fingerpicking patterns for his songs like “Suzanne” and “Famous Blue Raincoat.”

Cohen with an acoustic or classical guitar is truly a sight and sound to experience. It is no doubt the Cohen and an acoustic guitar was a match made in heaven.


To his many friends and family, Cohen was known for his distinct traits. He was shy, sensitive and loving. People knew him said these qualities of his are both considered to be his strengths and weaknesses.

But no one can argue that Cohen was a kind soul. He was perceptive of his life and the life of others, even the strangers around his surroundings and those miles away from him.

On November 7, 2016, Cohen due to health issues and leukaemia. His music and his life will remain forever in people’s hearts. Even after his death, Cohen continued to shock the music world.

He won the Grammy award for Best Rock Performance for his song “You Want it Darker.” He was even nominated the same year for the American Roots Performance for his track “Steer Your Way” from his final album.

Up to this day, singers that would perform in front of their families or those auditioning for singing competitions would pick his songs like “Hallelujah” or “Suzanne.” It is undeniable that Cohen is truly one of the greatest musicians to exist. His life and music are timeless.

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