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Songwriting does not always lead to a successful music career. It does not always point to a Grammy award nor an MTV live performance. But keep in mind that, that is not what music is all about.

You probably read the quote “Music is life” once or twice on social media or probably on someone’s shirt.

Well, that statement is correct.

Music is a way for people to communicate with other people about how they feel or how they want to feel. Some tell stories through music, while others create their own stories. Music does not have to be deep all the time.

Just look at Weird Al Yankovic’s music. Some people see Weird Al’s music and do not even consider it music. For the record, Weird Al is an amazing artist.

Songwriting is simply another way or channel for people to say or share something. That is why the world is in need of more songwriters and of course, acoustic guitars. Did you know guitars can be traced back as early as the 15th century or even earlier?

Try to comprehend how many songs were written and composed since then. Can you even think of a number? That’s alright, most people can’t as well.

But think about the rich history behind the guitar and songwriting. History gave us so much including The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Prince, B.B. King and so much more talented musicians.

Despite the difference in genre and guitar playing style, they all play the same instrument.

These days we have Ed Sheeran, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Kacey Musgraves and the list goes on.

Leonard Cohen Prologues has all the resources and knowledge to help people learn music and find value in songwriting. We want to share our passion for music in the world. Our team of musicians are at the ready to provide all the necessary lessons and products to get you started.

Get in touch with us to be notified of sales, promos and events. Together, we’ll learn all about songwriting and apply what we’ve learned using an acoustic guitar or maybe a different instrument, the choice is yours.

Start your musical adventure with us today.